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  • NSC Research & Statistical Services

  • The importance of research and statistics in safety

    Effective safety management systems are data-driven and supported with scientific research and statistics. We use this knowledge to understand and prevent injury, ultimately leading to a safer world.

    NSC offers a number of data-driven services such as Employee Perception Surveys and Assessments to help organizations build a strong safety program.

    We have expertise in a wide range of safety-related topics, including:

    • Safety engineering
    • Epidemiology
    • Social psychology
    • Safety Statistics
    • industrial/organizational psychology
  • Our Expertise

    Since the early 1920s, the National Safety Council has published an annual statistical compendium on unintentional injuries and deaths and comprehensive illness data —first as Accident Facts® and now Injury Facts®.

    We also manage the international, peer-reviewed Journal of Safety Research. Published five times per year, The Journal of Safety Research, along with Injury Facts, are publications that have been cited extensively by safety researchers and statisticians.

  • NSC Research & Statistical Services

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  • Injury Facts 2016

    ​For more than 90 years, Injury Facts has been the complete reference source for safety statistics. Bringing together data from more than 30 different sources, it presents the most current occupational, motor vehicle, home, community, state, and international injury statistics on deaths, nonfatal injuries and their costs.

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  • Journal of Safety Research

    The Journal of Safety Research® is a peer-reviewed journal intended for safety practitioners and researchers who want to understand and communicate current safety thinking, trends and data. Available by subscription, it is published four times a year.​

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  • Consulting Solutions

    ​Our consultants focus on closing gaps in your current safety programs and applying new tools to evaluate your organization's process. ​

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National Safety Council Mission

The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

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