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NSC Online Workplace Training
National Safety Council & Summit Training Source Partner to Offer Online Training

The National Safety Council has partnered with Summit Training Source to deliver an interactive online training curriculum. NSC will offer Summit’s online OSHA 10- and 30- hour training for general industry and construction, as well as Summit’s entire library of interactive online compliance training courses.

“The online curriculum offered by Summit complements our existing classroom and print content, enabling us to now offer a full range of courses, delivered through different methods, that better meet the needs of our members and customers,” said Janet Froetscher, NSC president and CEO.

Summit also will develop new online training curriculum for NSC, as well as convert current NSC training content to a web-based format. Benefits of online training include 24/7 global availability, self-paced learning, and cost savings through a reduction in travel expenses and training time.


Supervisors' Safety Development Program (SSDP) 

The new Supervisors' Safety Development Program trains supervisors and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. The training goals are to equip supervisors and managers with the knowledge, leadership skills and methods to apply safety as part of their responsibilities and become effective safety leaders and advocates. SSDP includes 16 Key Safety Topics.
SSDP as Package Training Program

SSDP as Open Enrollment Training Classes

Injury Facts 2010 Edition: A Complete Reference
Injury Facts has made several important changes to provide expanded coverage on the most pressing safety issues while also helping to display information in a more intuitive and visually appealing manner.  With the changes listed below, Injury Facts is now an even more comprehensive and easy to use source to help communicate the impact of both intentional and unintentional injuries.    Expanded sections focusing on distracted driving and young drivers are also included in this year's Motor-Vehicle section.


 New data in the 2010 Edition on:  Updated or expanded data on:
  •  Work injuries by part of body
  •  Occupational injury and illness incidence rates by industry
  • Young driver trends 
  •  Workers’ compensation claims and costs 
  •  Distracted driving statistics 
  •  Traffic safety issues – alcohol, occupant protection,
     speeding, distracted driving, and others
  •  The odds of dying from injuries 
  •  Consumer product-related injuries


  • Accidental deaths by state...and much more'sNewInInjuryFacts.aspx


The Gift of Safety
Unlike professional associations, membership with the National Safety Council is for ALL of your employees. We encourage you to have all of your opt-in  to ensure everyone can be included on benefit distribution. 
 Opt-in for Membership Benefits
The following NSC benefits are available to all of your employees. To be included on your company’s benefit distribution at no charge, please

Online Driver Training Products
You can provide a benefit to your employees that will not cost your company anything and may reduce their insurance premiums. Steer them to the NSC’s

online driver training programs , which includes passenger car, professional truck, motorcycle and emergency vehicle driver training options. Each course features engaging and interactive learning environments with state-of-the-art animation and graphics, streaming video and real life driving situations and hazards. With you membership ID # they can take advantage of reduced pricing. Your employees can save on their insurance costs while protecting themselves from the number one cause of accidental deaths.

Special Note…
Our Defensive Driving Course - 8/6, Instructor Development, has been revamped and updated. The new class will be offered January 12-14.This completely revised version of our 8-hour defensive driving course is more flexible, interactive and involving than previous editions. Training Centers teaching the 8th Edition must transition to the 9th Edition by March 31, 2010. 

Injury Fact…

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Chicago Chapter Training Schedule

The upcoming schedule for Chicago-based classes is listed below, with the classes that help you earn your Advanced Safety Certificate in bold italic.  You can find detailed descriptions of the courses and register for them on the NSC website ( or call us at (630) 775-2029.

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