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NSC Values

Value: Respect

Definition of Respect:

Treats people with dignity, courtesy and kindness. Acknowledges that every person has value and is capable of making a unique contribution to the organization. Shows consideration for people’s time, privacy, viewpoints and physical space. Respect for others may be shown through words, actions, facial expressions, tone of voice and body language.

Value: Integrity

Definition of Integrity:

Demonstrates honesty and truthfulness through one’s behavior in ways that support NSC, its employees and other stakeholders.

Value: Safety

Definition of Safety:

Continually identifies, controls and eliminates hazards in the workplace, the home and communities, and on the roads. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Value: Teamwork

Definition of Teamwork:

Puts aside personal aspirations and works in a coordinated effort to achieve a shared vision or objective. It is the fuel that allows people to attain extraordinary results.

Value: Reliability

Definition of Reliability:

Consistently fulfills commitments and obligations as agreed upon, resulting in a positive outcome; being dependable.

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