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Technology Solutions

Technology raised a distracted driving problem.

Technology is also a solution.

Influencing people to drive without distractions can be a challenge. Changing the environment instead of ongoing behavior can effectively prevent injury.

For example, vehicle passengers are protected by many engineering devices that automatically reduce crashes and injury: air bags, crash-absorbing vehicle engineering, vehicle stability control, lane departure warning systems and cables in freeway medians. 

Likewise, a solution to prevent distracted driving is technology that automatically manages calls and texts while people are driving. This technology is ideal for fleet managers and employers who want to monitor and enforce their cell phone policies. It's also a solution for parents of teen drivers, and by drivers who want to reduce their own temptation to use cell phones while driving.

You can learn more about this technology by viewing this webinar:

Technology Solutions to Reduce Liability of Cell Phone Distracted Driving Crashes




High Tech Devices Help Drivers Put Down Phone. - New York Times, November 2009

Your Phone is Locked. Just Drive. - New York Times, April 2010

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