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Safety: It Takes All of Us

The National Safety Council is grateful to the following individual donors for investing in its mission to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime. The following list represents gifts received July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016.

A list of corporate donors can be found here.

  • $25,000 and More

    John Surma

    Mark & Betsy Vergnano​
    $24,999 to $5,000              

    Philip Asherman

    Neil Book

    Ray & Joneen Betler

    Michael & Nancy Henderek

    Abdulrahman Jawahery

    Andy Johnson 
         In memory of Walt von Holzen

    Lynne Lachenmyer

    Martha & Kent McElhattan

    $4,999 to $1,000 

    Connie Bayne

    Brian Cook

    Dan Frank

    Mark Manion

    Joseph McKillips

    Wade Mezey

    Bob Skaggs

    $999 to $100​ ​

    ​Cherish Charlton

    Charles & Lisa Clairmont

    James Conneely

    Jassim Darwish
         In Memory of Marley Heim

    Fritz Henderson

    Tom Loughman

    Rose A. McMurray

    David Michaels

    ​Glenn Murray

    David Rownd

    Carla Santamaria

    Rhonda Thomas

    Bob Weidner

    Jim & Roberta Wick

    Bill Windsor

     Additional individual donors have chosen to remain anonymous.

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The National Safety Council eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

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