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  • ​The National Safety Council works to educate our 51,000 members and the public on the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted Driving Awareness Month, held each April, is a key time for us to generate member and public awareness around the issue, but NSC devotes many resources to this initiative year-round. 

    NSC advocates for a total ban of cell phone use – handheld and hands-free – while driving. Funding partners demonstrate their support of a total ban and take a leadership role in helping NSC educate our members and the public on the dangers of cognitive distraction ​while driving.

    ​​Fatalities are on the Rise

    Motor vehicle fatalities increased 9% through the first six months of 2016 and 18% over the same period in 2014. Car crashes remain the leading cause of death in the workplace, as well as for teens, and distraction is still a serious issue. In addition to cell phone use behind the wheel, in-vehicle, voice-activated infotainment systems make it easier than ever for drivers to be distracted. Despite these systems being marketed as safer, studies show they are actually more distracting.

    Car manufacturers continue to include increased safety technology, such as automatic braking and lane departure warnings, but 40% of drivers report having been startled or surprised by a technology in their vehicle. Helping drivers understand the life-saving benefits of these features will help prepare them as we transition from a driving to a riding culture and driverless vehicles become the norm​.

    The Council advocates for the advancement of safety technology. We lead interventions, programs and policies to improve attentive driving, and we educate employers on the adoption of best practices for safe driving policies.

    NSC promotes teen safe driving ​through DriveItHOME, an interactive, multi-faceted campaign that provides parents action-oriented solutions to help keep their teens safe while driving. NSC also advocates for stronger state Graduated Driving Licensing (GDL) laws for teen drivers, with the gradual extension of driving privileges based on experience.

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