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  •      October 2017

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    Award Winners Honored at 2017 NSC Congress & Expo

    NSC President and CEO Deborah Hersman and Marion Martin Award-winner Alexi Carli, vice president of global health and safety at UPS

    At the 2017 NSC Congress & Expo, five major awards were presented to people who went above and beyond in the service of safety.

    Five 2017 Distinguished Service to Safety Awards were presented:

    • Adele L. Abrams is an attorney and Certified Mine Safety Professional who handles OSHA and MSHA litigation nationwide. Adele also provides consultation, safety audits and training services to companies in a variety of industries. She is an active member of NSC, where she chairs the Business and Industry Division Committee on Regulatory, Standards and Legal Affairs, and was an initial co-chair of the NSC Women's Caucus.
    • John Brodbeck II is president of Mississippi Safety Services Inc. and a member of the NSC Transportation Safety Division. John is a defensive driving master instructor and lead trainer. He established Mississippi Safety Services with 50 locations and annually trained between 5,000 and 8,000 drivers. While at Delphi Packard Electric, he developed a series of new systems and programs that reduced the number of employee injuries.
    • Twana McFann is safety technician with the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities. As a member of two union locals, she has contributed to the development of safety cultures in public and private settings through training and education. She has been a member of the NSC Labor Division since 1999.
    • Steve Pomponi, CSP, is senior safety consultant with PSA Insurance & Financial Services. As a member of the Community Safety Division, Steve's focus has been on worker safety, fleet safety and risk management services. As a Certified Safety Professional with nearly 30 years of experience, Steve improves safety management systems and has saved millions of dollars for his clients and prevented countless injuries. He also is a member of the Maryland Disaster Medical Assistance Team.
    • Gary E. Tellish, CSP, is manager of safety and training with Quanta Services Inc. As a safety trainer, he watches over the safety of 29,000 colleagues. Gary also finds time to tutor and mentor high school and college students planning to enter the profession. He is chairman of the Construction Division and also is on the NSC Board of Delegates.

    The NSC Marion Martin Award was presented to Alexi Carli, CSP, vice president, global health and safety, at UPS. Alexi started at UPS 39 years ago as a driver and handler, and eventually rose to oversee health and safety. Her responsibilities include global policy and training development, organizational health and safety strategy, injury and auto crash prevention planning, and business continuity planning. She has been instrumental in attracting the best talent and developing future safety professionals through mentoring and promotion of safety scholarships for high-potential students.

    The NSC Community Advancement Award went to Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical Co. Inc. of Taylor County, Texas. The firm has a history that includes CPR, first aid, AED and BBP training, smoke detectors for all employees, and a safe driving program. Buffalo Gap has promoted the NSC Safety Ambassadors program for employee outreach in its communities and uses a 10-step approach to community outreach around safety, including a safety-only sponsorship approach to community events. Honorable mention went to CNH Industrial Reman of Springfield, MO. The company is active in community safety and environmental events, with water management activities a focus throughout their program.

    The 2017 NSC Rising Stars of Safety were celebrated at Congress & Expo. The 2017 class included 43 individuals under age 40 who demonstrate leadership and dedication to safety at work. All of the winners have a proven track record of safety leadership and promoting continuous safety improvement. For a list of the 43 winners, see the September issue of Safety+Health magazine.

    Two Divisions members were winners of the NSC Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award:

    • Carl F. Jorgensen, a Labor Division member, spent the last 32 years promoting all aspects of safety in his local union along with the IBEW Union Local 1379 at Alcoa's Davenport Works. He is the Labor Division resident expert on mobile equipment, accident investigation and ergonomics.
    • Wilson M. Yancey Jr. is senior vice president of safety, health and environment at Quanta Services, Houston, and a member of the NSC Construction and Utilities Division. He has been instrumental in driving the organization toward its goal of zero incidents. Quanta's total recordable case rate is 31% below the national average; lost time case rate is 55% below the national average. Wilson was instrumental in working with OSHA, electrical industry business leaders and labor to establish the OSHA Strategic Partnership for the electrical transmission and distribution industry, formed in 2004.

    Nominations for 2018 awards will be accepted starting in February. For a reminder of when nominations open, please complete the form, or for more information, contact Sarah Van Huis at

    Divisions Can Access NSC International Team

    NSC Division members with responsibility for managing regional or global safety programs can explore what NSC offers outside the U.S. The NSC International Team has been operating since the 1990s and has a group of NSC consultants situated outside the U.S. operating globally. 

    The International Team also manages the delivery of trusted NSC safety training programs via a network of certified training centers in more than 35 countries. Our International Team can help NSC partners globally by:

    • Addressing safety goals and initiatives in locations outside the U.S.
    • Making introductions to local groups or experts to help you align safety management in facilities outside the U.S.
    • Being a single source for delivering trusted NSC safety training to your array of global locations, helping you deliver your global safety vision locally

    Learn more about what we offer across the globe, or contact Silvia Sandoval at (630) 775-2051 or


    Falls From Height a New Priority

    Falls from heights can be fatal. In fact, falls are the leading cause of death among construction workers. But falls can be prevented. Employers need to ensure workers are properly trained and equipped to perform work safely when working at heights.

    The Construction and Utilities Division is working to ensure every employer in the industry has the information and tools they need to keep their workers safe. Subject matter experts from the Division have pulled together "best practice" resources, along with fact sheets, planning tools and other materials, that can be easily downloaded for free at

    Divisions Unite in Indy

    The 2017 NSC Congress & Expo was an opportunity for NSC division members to gather and identify the next steps to improving safety in their specific fields.

    Women's Caucus: More than 40 people attended the Sept. 25 Women's Caucus meeting, which covered key accomplishments since 2016. Members broke into subgroups to address promotion and recognition, recruitment and retention, networking and mentoring, and the issues that women face at work. The Caucus also heard from UPS Vice President of Global Health and Safety Alexi Carli, 2017 Marion Martin Award winner.

    Alcohol, Drugs and Impairment Division: The fall meeting was scheduled for Sept. 9 in Boca Raton, FL, but was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. The group will meet during the 2018 American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual Scientific Meeting Feb. 12 in Seattle. More details to come.

    Labor Division: The Labor Division held 15 meetings in Indianapolis, with several speakers and educational sessions, including a welcome from OSHA regional administrator Ken Nishiyama Atha. OSHA labor liaisons Lisa Sciolaro and James P. Touey discussed working with OSHA to improve workplace safety and health, a luncheon recognized NSC Labor Division members who won awards, and another session solicited feedback on topics that would bring the most value and interest to members. Leadership changes were announced during the Division's closing session; Les Johnson was sworn in as Division chairman, Ken Morris accepted the position as vice chairman, and Karl Mager will serve as secretary.

    Construction and Utilities Division: A presentation from OSHA was the highlight of the Construction and Utilities Division meeting. OSHA Deputy Director Dean McKenzie discussed the OSHA Construction Directorate, and the Division rolled out its Safety at Heights campaign, a compilation of information and resources from industry experts.

    Business and Industry Division: The Division congratulated member Adele L. Abrams, who received the 2017 Distinguished Service to Safety award. The Division held committee and section meetings, and reported out during the second half of the meeting.

    Young Professionals Division: The Young Professionals held a day-long meeting that included an update on the Division's strategic plan and an inside look at the NSC State of Safety report. After a luncheon that highlighted the 2017 Rising Stars of Safety, the afternoon session consisted of outgoing committee chairman reports and passing of the gavel to new Division chair Kris Chipman, who replaces Lydell Banks.

    Transportation Safety Division: Updates were shared on the Division's strategic initiatives, and acting Chairman Tom DiSalvi, Vice Chairman Rose McMurray and Secretary Joe Mokrisky were approved for an official two-year terms. The Division also hosted professional development sessions by Jack Van Steenburg, chief safety officer of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and by Vanessa Martin of OSHA. The School Transit & Transportation Section, Aviation Safety Committee, Commercial Vehicle/Motor Fleet Section, and Waterborne Transport Group met to cover industry-specific issues, including OSHA in the cockpit, updating the Motor Fleet Safety Manual, autonomous work boats, fatigue management and safety recognition programs.

    Community Safety Division: The 2017 Congress marked the beginning of new Community Safety Division leadership, with Chairman Cory Worden and Vice Chairman Troy Bonar assuming the reins. The meeting included a review of Division activities and a discussion of how the Division can support creation of resources that will add value for anyone – in the workplace and in homes and communities. Becky Turpin, director of home and community for NSC, gave a report from the Safe States Alliance annual meeting that was held in early September.

    Government and Public Sector Division: In a meeting that featured an update on the past year from new chairman David Daniels, Government and Public Sector Division members also heard from NSC staffers Kathy Lane and Tatyana Warrick on the NSC State of Safety report. Cory Hohns, president of HaasAlert, shared a presentation on in-road broadcasting and how the technology can make drivers safer though alerts sent vehicle-to-vehicle.

  • ​Editor's Choice

    Green Cross for Safety Award Nominations Open

    The nomination period for the NSC Green Cross for Safety awards, among the most prestigious in the industry, is open through Nov. 30.

    Finalists and recipients demonstrate alignment with the NSC mission: eliminating preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

    Submissions are closely reviewed and finalists are announced in the spring in each of three categories – Excellence, Innovation and Advocacy – with the winner announced May 23, 2018, at the Green Cross for Safety Gala in Chicago.

    Learn more about the awards or begin the nomination process.

    Webinar Series Continues

    A free NSC divisions webinar, Using Employee Perception Surveys to Proactively Measure Safety Management System Performance and Safety Culture, will be offered at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25.

    The online session will be sponsored by the Business and Industry Division. Jonathan D. Thomas, NSC senior director of research and safety management solutions, will explain how surveys can be a valuable measurement of an organization's safety program and culture.

    Go online today to register for the one-hour session.

    November Webinar: Targeted Learning for Maximum Proficiency: Applying Neuroscience to Safety Training, will be held Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 10 a.m. (CT)

    The NSC Supervisors' Safety Development Adaptive Learning Program allows employers to more efficiently train supervisors and managers while increasing their proficiency. You no longer have to choose between competency and saving time. Attendees will learn:

    • How SSDP Adaptive Learning can benefit an employee's knowledge retention, while saving time
    • What adaptive learning is, and how it will benefit your company culture
    • How the dynamic reporting tools can help evaluate the knowledge and progress of your staff
    • The impact and outcomes associated with adaptive learning

    Look for a registration link soon.

    Spring Meetings Scheduled

    The 2018 Division Meetings are scheduled for May 20-23 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, IL.

    The meeting will offer division members opportunities to learn with and from one another. Registration information will be available in January.

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