Utilities Division Members Weigh In on Key Safety Topics

  • What is the Utilities Division?

    ​​The Division represents members in utility safety industries, including electric, gas, communications, water services and utility construction industries.

  • Members work to address common and unique safety and health issues by developing safety and health programs for the challenges faced by utility companies.

    Utilities Division Leadership



    Tammy T. Washington
    NSC Division Program Manager

    Tammy has been employed with NSC for more than 10 years. She is responsible for managing the NSC volunteer engagement programs, meetings, websites and databases. Besides the Utilities Division, she also works with the Business & Industry, Construction, Labor, and Alcohol, Drugs and Impairment divisions. Tammy can be reached at (630) 775-2227.

  • Billy D. Young Scholarship

    Billy D. Young was a safety professional who worked tirelessly to create a safer work environment for future generations. The Utilities Division established the Billy D. Young scholarship in his honor to continue by encouraging others to pursue a career in safety.
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