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Driver Cell Phone Use Under-reported by Authorities Investigating Crashes

  • National Safety Council encourages safety professionals, law enforcement officials to report any cell phone use when investigating crashes.


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    Under-reporting the use of cell phones in crashes can lead decision-makers to think the cell phone driver-distraction problem is less significant than it is. This has consequences in preserving safety on our roadways.

    The National Safety Council recommends investigating driver cell phone use when serious crashes occur. Learn the facts by downloading the free white paper, "Crashes involving cell phones: Challenges of collecting and reporting reliable crash data."

    This white paper helps police and public safety officials understand:

    • Why it's important to know the scope of cell phone involvement in crashes
    • The impact on crash and injury prevention when cell phone nfactors are under-reported

    Major talking points include:

    • Why cell phone involvement in crashes is greater than statistics show
    • The limitations that contribute to under-reporting
    • Evidence of under-reported cell phone use
    • How under-reporting impacts funding decisions


Cell Phone Use a Factor in Many Crashes, But it's Not Always Reported

Learn about the challenges of collecting and reporting reliable crash data in this white paper published by the National Safety Council.

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