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Watch this NSC Webinar: Dashboard Technology, Friend or Foe?

Car Makers Race to Make Vehicles 'Connected,' but at What Cost?
  • It appears multitasking technology in vehicles, such as voice-activated cell phone control, is here to stay. But, should you talk to your car while driving? Research shows that voice-activated technology takes a driver's mind off the road for up to 27 seconds after interacting with the system.

    In this free webinar, University of Utah Professor Dr. David Strayer explains research that shows the cognitive demands these systems may place on users and why they may not solve the distracted driving problem.

    Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board discusses crash investigations related to cognitive distraction.

    Strayer and Sumwalt are joined by Deborah Trombley, senior program manager of transportation initiatives at the National Safety Council.

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