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Employers: Keep Workers Safe and Limit Your Liability Risk

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    Employers wouldn't knowingly allow their employees to be exposed to unnecessary risks in the workplace. However, the most dangerous environment an employee will face each day is the roadway. Allowing employees to use their cell phones while driving – handheld or hands-free -  is  allowing them to be four times as likely to crash. Learn the facts by downloading the free white paper, "Employer Liability and the case for Comprehensive Cell Phone Policies."


    This white paper helps employers understand:

    • Liability risks of using handheld or hands-free cell phones
    • Safety risks to employees
    • Components of a best practice policy


    Major talking points include:

    • Concerns over loss of productivity
    • What an employer can face in litigation
    • The need for a cell phone policy that exceeds the law
    • Case studies of cell phone-related crashes that resulted in huge fines

Biggest Risk for Workers is on the Road

Once thought of as a tool to increase productivity on the road, cell phones are known to significantly impair driving and increase risk of a crash.

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