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February 2018

  • ​Mark Your Calendars

    The next Road to Zero Coalition meeting March 20 will include a discussion on commercial vehicles, provide an update on 2018 grants and more. The meeting will take place at the National Transportation Safety Board Conference Center, 429 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC. Register now to attend in person or watch via webcast.

    We received 81 grant submissions totaling $12.3 million in grant requests. Applications are under review, and we look forward to announcing winners soon. The Road to Zero coalition is made up of more than 600 members, and these meetings are an excellent opportunity to connect with members new and old.

    Be sure to sign up for the meeting now and encourage your fellow coalition members to attend. Follow us on Twitter @RoadToZeroUS for more information and, if you're a new member, don't forget to take advantage of our communications kit to share news of your membership online.

    News From the Hill

    President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Jan. 30 before a joint session of Congress. A primary focus of his address was infrastructure, as he called on Congress to pass a bill generating $1.5 trillion of investment and decreasing approval times for building projects. This funding level is up from information the administration had previously discussed. Private funding will be part of the infrastructure funding too.

    Meanwhile, automated vehicle legislation continues to be stalled in Congress, with multiple senators placing "holds" on the legislation, preventing it from moving forward. House and Senate staff are in discussions on a path forward.

    NHTSA Addresses Drugged Driving

    NHTSA recently announced plans for a March 15 summit to "lead a national dialogue and call to action" on drugged driving. NHTSA cites the opioid epidemic and the growing number of states legalizing marijuana as priority issues in addressing driver impairment and keeping everyone on our roads safe.

    The Summit will bring together stakeholders of all levels to set a course of action and take steps to address our nation's drugged driving problem. Learn more at

    Road Safety for Employers

    Employers pay for crashes that happen both on and off the job, which is why investing in a road safety program for your employees is such a good idea. When an employee is involved in a crash, even if it happens off the job, it can result in lost work days, medical care and other costs to employers. Helping your employees form habits to keep them safe, even when they're not at work, pays off in several ways.

    Investing in road safety can reduce your crash rate by 50% or more and lower the average number of crashes experienced by employees. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety offers tips and resources to help you calculate your cost of crashes and develop a road safety program to reduce them.

    Download the Cost of Motor Crashes Report, access the Cost of Collisions Calculator and learn more at

A Few Reminders

  • ​15th Annual Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws



    The annual Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws is a report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety that serves as a guide to successful measures to reduce roadway deaths, injuries and associated costs. This year's Roadmap focuses on proven technological and legislative solutions, identifies the best and worst states for traffic safety laws, and provides an overview of 16 essential traffic safety laws.

    To get the full report, learn more about how these laws can help us reach zero traffic deaths, and see how your state fared, visit

    Call For Submissions

    As a Road to Zero coalition member, we will share your news, organizational announcements and updates with fellow members in this monthly newsletter.

    To submit news, announcements or updates for inclusion in the Road to Zero newsletter, email Include all relevant details, links, names and any special notes regarding the announcement. We look forward to sharing your news and keeping the entire Road to Zero coalition updated on the latest from their fellow members.


    1. A Vision Zero Summit will take place in Washington, DC, March 15. The summit is presented by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Uber, with support from the District Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office and hosted by George Washington University Hospital at the Milken Institute School of Public Health. Information about the event and registration can be found here.
    2. The National Safety Council, a founding partner of the Road to Zero, is looking to hire a new director of transportation safety. More details can be found here.
    3. The largest gathering of highway safety professionals in the United States is nearly here! Save the date for the 2018 Lifesavers Conference in San Antonio April 22-24. Find more information here.

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