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Safe Communities America Soon Will Have a New Parent Organization

  • After 10 years of nurturing the Safe Communities America program, the National Safety Council is transitioning support of the program to an organization with more resources and local connections needed to take the program to the next level.

    NSC is very proud of the program. Until SCA finds a new home, NSC will continue to support accredited communities and those in the process of accreditation. New applications have been put on hold for communities that have not begun the accreditation process.

    Following are some frequently asked questions about the transition:

    When will this transition occur?

    NSC is looking for a new parent organization for SCA in order to provide a wider range of resources to the network, with the goal of making a complete transition to a new organization by June 2018.

    Our community is in the process of accreditation/reaccreditation and has submitted a letter of intent and paid the application fee. Will we have to pay another application fee when SCA transitions to a new parent organization?

    No, you will not have to pay another application fee.

    Our community is ready to submit a letter of intent. What should we do?

    Please contact us at to discuss the best option for your community.

    Our community is interested in becoming an accredited Safe Community but has not started the process. What should we do?

    We are excited about your interest and commitment to safety. We encourage you to start building your local coalition, pull stakeholders together, review your injury data and set goals for reducing your community's preventable injuries and fatalities. Once a new organization is identified, you can move forward with an application and showcase the great work you have completed. Safe Communities America is not accepting new applications at this time. Receive the latest updates about the transition by signing up here.

    We are an accredited Safe Community. Will we remain a member of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network (PPSCN) before, during and after the transition?

    Yes, communities accredited prior to transition will remain PPSCN Safe Communities. The new parent company will remain connected to PPSCN and have continued representation on the PPSCN board.

    What will the relationship be between NSC and SCA after the transition?

    With the leading causes of injury occurring in homes and communities, NSC remains committed to community level injury prevention. We invite you to remain engaged with NSC and utilize its tools and resources to support your work.

It's All About Growth

SCA has accredited 29 communities to date, with 18 active and engaged today. With the additional support and resources this transition will provide, the network can grow to its full potential.

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