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  • Addressing Opioids in the Workplace

    Twenty-three percent of the U.S. workforce has used prescription drugs non-medically. Even employees who take a regular dose may be too impaired to work, especially in a safety-sensitive position.

  • How Opioid Painkiller Use Affects Workers' Comp Costs

    • Workers who are prescribed even one opioid have average total claim costs four times greater than similar claims from workers who were not prescribed opioids
    • Receiving more than a one week supply of opioids soon after an injury doubles a worker's risk of disability one year later
    • Recent state court decisions have found employers and worker's compensation insurers financially responsible when an injured worker who is prescribed painkillers fatally overdoses
  • ​Painkiller misuse increases medical claims costs and length of disability. Learn how you can combat this issue.

  • Make Your Workplace Opioid Free

    ​Employee use of prescription painkillers threatens employees' safety and your bottom line. Download the Prescription Drug Employer Kit and keep opioid painkillers from affecting your workplace.

  • Webinar: The Rapidly Changing Face of Substance Abuse

    ​More than 20% of the workforce has misused prescription painkillers. Could your employees be among them? In this recorded webinar, we explain the need for workplace drug policies that include opioid painkiller testing. Watch the recording.

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    Webinar: Managing Prescription Opioid Misuse 


    Prescription painkiller use is driving up your worker’s compensation costs. Find out how ​and w​hat you can do. Watch this recording of our webinar featuring Dr. Constantine J. Gean of California, download the slides.

    Webinar: The Hidden Workplace Epidemic​

    ​Prescription opioid use is impacting your workplace, but you may not realize it. Watch a recording of our webinar and read our Q&A.

"NSC is an outstanding partner in safety and has taken a bold step in addressing the prescription drug overdose epidemic in our country. I strongly recommend all safety professionals download the Prescription Drug Employer Kit and begin to seek opportunities to share the information with their employees. You will probably save lives as a result."

Rex Butler, manager, environmental and safety, Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)

Meet the Expert: Dr. Don Teater

Dr. Don Teater has worked intensively with opioid and mental health treatment and recovery for more than 10 years. In addition to serving as NSC medical advisor, he runs an addiction clinic in North Carolina.

Make Your Workplace Opioid Free

Employee use of prescription painkillers threatens employees' safety and your bottom line.

Download the Kit
  • Ask the NSC Expert

    ​NSC Medical Advisor Dr. Don Teater answers your workplace questions about prescription painkillers.

    Question: Can we test 'DOT' employees for more than substances than on the five-panel drug test, such as Norco?

    Answer: Your organization can test for more substances than required under DOT regulations, under your company authority. However, the DOT test must be conducted separately and include only those drugs on five-panel test. Testing for other drugs must be conducted separately from DOT and other federally-regulated testing.

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