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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I find what I’m looking for on the site?

    The top navigation offers a variety of ways to look for content on the site, depending on the wide range of interests of our visitors. We recommend surfing the site to familiarize yourself with this resource. You also have two search options:
    • In the center of the home page we have a search bar to type in your topic
    • On every page look on the right side of the top green navigation bar; click on the magnifying glass icon to open a search box and type in your topic
  2. Do I need to sign in to use the site?

    If you wish to gain access to your exclusive content or pricing you need to sign in. This includes NSC Members, NSC Chapters, NSC Instructors and Training Centers, Journey to Safety Excellence participants or university faculty. Otherwise the website will not recognize you and open those pages to you.
  3. How do I register on your website as a new user?

    You can either click the sign in button on the very top right of the home page or click on My NSC. A log in page will appear for you to register.
  4. What do I do if I don’t remember my Member ID or password?

    Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-621-7619.
  5. Will my bookmarks from the old website still work here?

    No, because this is a completely rebuilt site with new programming. Surf the site to find out what interests you most and bookmark the new pages.
  6. How do I access my exclusive information?

    Members: you can access your Member exclusive pages two ways:
    1. Click on MY NSC, log in and click the For Members Only button or
    2. Click on JOIN/ Member Content and click on topic for log in page or
    First Aid Instructors: you can access your Resource Center two ways:
    1. Click on MY NSC, log in and click the Resource Center button or
    2. From LEARN, click on Safety Training/First Aid Training/Become an Instructor/First Aid Resource Center to log in or
    DDC Training Centers: you can access your DDC Information Highway two ways:
    1. Click on MY NSC, log in and click the DDC Info Highway button or
    2. From LEARN, click on Safety Training/Driver Safety Training/Become a Training Center/DDC Info Highway to log in or
  7. Where is the National Training Calendar so I can view the safety and health classes you offer?

    You can view the NSC Training Calendar within NSC University, our learning management system that features learning content, our communities and the calendar where you can find and register for safety training.
  8. How long will it take to hear back after I register via the website for a class?

    You will receive an email verification response from NSC once you register. For DDC Instructor course requests it may take 24 to 48 business hours for your registration to process. If you do not receive the verification email, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-621-7619.
  9. How do I find a Defensive Driving or First Aid instructor/class near me?

    The NSC Training Center Directory lists our course locations. You can find the directory from any page on the site. Hover your mouse over CONNECT on the dark green navigation bar and click on Training Centers on the light green navigation to get to the directory.
  10. Is there someplace I can see a product catalog?

    Our catalogs can be found under Safety Knowledge and Safety Training. To browse our catalogs, see the following pages:
  11. Where do I find pricing information?

    NSC offers many resources for free, but you may need to sign up to receive. For safety training, products and services, the price is listed on the page with the description:
    • Click on SHOP for packaged training, books, etc.
    • Click on JOIN, then Join/Renew Now for Membership dues
    • Click on LEARN, then Safety Training and continue clicking through to the pages of the courses you are interested in to find specific prices.
    Be sure to sign in to see the Member pricing.
  12. Where can I find free safety resources on your site?

    Free resources in the form of fact sheets, white papers, samples, employer kits and many others are available throughout the site depending on your topic. Journey to Safety Excellence participants and University faculty can access free materials simply by registering for them. If there is a particular topic you seek we recommend you use the search function.
  13. Can I renew my membership online?

    Yes! Under JOIN, the Join/Renew Now page displays the button that will take you through the process.
  14. How do I join the Journey to Safety Excellence?

    Throughout the site you will see buttons that say Join the Journey, giving you free access to a roadmap for keeping employees safe. To learn more, click on LEARN, then NSC Priorities, then Workplace Safety where you can register or

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