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    There are more choices than ever before!

    The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) allows motorists to complete a driver safety program in order to receive a 4-point credit on their driving record.

    Reasons a motorist may attend a course include:

    • To satisfy the requirement of the BMV Motorists who have been convicted of at least two traffic violations within a 12-month period are required to attend a Driver Safety Program.
    • Court ordered A judge may decide to direct a driver to attend the Driver Safety Program as an alternative to driver license suspension
    • Voluntary Motorists may take the course to receive the 4-point credit on their driver record even if they do not have a violation.


    Now approved by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV):


    Defensive Driving Course – 4

    DDC-4 is a fast-paced, four-hour driver improvement program that offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing accidents and reinforces the good driving skills students already have. Most importantly, DDC-4 shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel and puts defensive driving in a personal context.Classes are available statewide.


    Defensive Driving Course – Alive at 25

    This young driver program zeroes in on drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 – the group most likely to be involved in fatal collisions. This highly interactive four-hour program teaches young drivers how to take control of situations by taking responsibility for their own driving behavior. Classes are available statewide.


    Defensive Driving Course – Professional Truck Driver

    Although professional truck drivers are involved in fewer collisions than other motorists, collisions involving trucks are far more deadly and costly. Professional truck drivers and their employers have a tremendous responsibility for keeping the highways safe for others.

    For over 20 years, the National Safety Council’s DDC-Professional Truck Driver program has given truck drivers the defensive driving techniques that help them avoid collisions and violations and make them take personal responsibility for their driving decisions. Classes are available statewide.


    Why choose NSC?

    • The DDCs are highly effective interactive courses that features activities, case studies, discussions, and video presentations. You won’t be bored in our course!
    • National Safety Council sets the standard in the industry for development and training of quality instructors. Your instructor will keep the course interesting!
    • NSC’s Defensive Driving Courses are trusted by more traffic safety courts, motor vehicle departments, municipalities, businesses, government agencies, and driving schools nationwide for consistent quality and content. You will be in good company!
    • NSC’s DDC programs are designed and written with the assistance of a select group of devoted highway traffic safety trainers and related specialists who volunteer their time and talents to the research, development, and updates of the DDCs. You will know you are getting the best!

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