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Start Training with NSC First Aid Today and Upgrade for Free in 2016

  • ​NSC is the expert on occupational first aid training. Whether you're teaching first aid professionally or you would like to learn how to train your employees so they can save lives, NSC has an offer for you:

    Become an NSC Instructor and begin teaching our courses by Feb. 29, 2016, and NSC will send you the new, updated instructor materials for free in April. Every five years, Guidelines detailing how rescuers should perform vital first aid and basic life support techniques are updated based on medical research. The latest Guidelines were unveiled in October 2015, and NSC First Aid staff is creating new training programs that will be released in April 2016.

    This offer applies to both public instructors currently teaching first aid as professional first responders and private instructors who would like to train their employees at their job site.

    If You Already are an Instructor

    If you're already an instructor elsewhere, you likely can be grandfathered into the NSC First Aid program; apply now. Then, at no additional cost, NSC will provide the updated instructor materials so you can continue to make sure your students are prepared to save lives. Enter UP2015 in the "Referred By" field of the application to ensure you receive your free upgrade.

    If You Have Never Taught First Aid

    Don't wait for the new training materials to be released to begin training your employees. Become an NSC Instructor today, and we'll send you the 2016 materials free when they are released in April. You will need to register for an instructor class here.

    Have Questions?​

    We're happy to answer questions and help you get started. Call Paul Wojturski at (630) 775-2295, or email and mention the upgrade offer.
  • 2015 First Aid Guidelines Have Been Announced

    ​NSC First Aid staff is creating new first aid training programs that follow the new guidelines.

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