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  • Coaching the Van Driver 3

    Many organizations assume that van driving is the same as driving a car, and expect their employees (or volunteers) to assume van-driving responsibilities without any training. The fact is most commercial vans are very different from passenger cars-they're bigger, heavier, have larger blind spots and require longer following and stopping distances. Coaching the Van Driver IITM shows drivers how to compensate for these differences and help keep them on the road and on the job.

    What you'll learn:

    • Van characteristics
    • Pre-trip inspection
    • Safety belts
    • Cushion of Safety
    • Scanning
    • Blind spots
    • City, highway and rural driving
    • Backing


    • A Transporting Cargo segment addresses specific situations such as familiarity with route, cargo placement, double- parking and making deliveries.
    • A Transporting Passengers segment addresses critical safety points concerning safe stopping points, pick-up and drop-off procedures and safety belt use.


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