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NSC Defensive Driving Course Instructor Agreement

  • ​Thank you for making our roads safer by becoming a certified National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course Instructor. You are joining nearly 20,000 NSC Instructors in helping to eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime.

    The Process

    All DDC Instructors must be part of an authorized NSC Training Center that has a valid Training Center Agreement on file with NSC. Please make sure your Training Center has a valid agreement prior to starting your Instructor Development Course. NSC will not certify instructors whose Training Center is not currently authorized to train.

    Your Training Center must provide you with a current Instructor Resource Kit containing an Instructor Manual, multimedia disk and Student Guide prior to beginning the course.

    Upon successful completion of the Instructor Development Course, your Training Center will receive your DDC Instructor Card. They will then monitor you while you teach the course until they are satisfied with your competency.

    To remain an NSC-certified DDC Instructor, you must agree to fully comply with the following statements:

    1. I WILL teach all NSC DDCs as written and for the full duration knowing that failing to do so will violate my Instructor Credentials and could damage the reputation of NSC.
    2. I WILL start my class on time, will run it for the full duration and will begin each class with a brief safety reminder (restroom locations, emergency exits, shelter location, etc.).
    3. I WILL take all the necessary time to properly prepare for the programs I teach by ensuring I have a thorough understanding of all course materials, as well as my state's Rules of the Road.
    4. I WILL register each class participant, track student completions, submit accurate and complete course paperwork to my training center on time, and only give NSC DDC certificates to those who successfully completed the course.
    5. I WILL be pleasant, professional, respectful and courteous toward students at all times while providing a safe, comfortable, non-threatening learning environment. I will never touch a student in any way, regardless of how harmless I think it may be. I will never belittle a student. I will never allow a violent or highly disruptive student to remain in the class.
    6. I WILL make the participants responsible for their own learning and will refrain from giving students the answers.
    7. I WILL always give each student a brand new, unused Student Course Guide.
    8. I WILL NOT offer my interpretation of the law.
    9. I WILL NOT provide my students with any external content (videos, YouTube, pictures, PowerPoint slides, etc.) knowing that doing so violates my Instructor Credentials.
    10. I WILL NOT violate U.S. Copyright laws by copying or recreating any NSC DDC course material. I understand all NSC DDC course materials and content is the registered property of NSC and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Welcome to the NSC family. NSC offers our profound gratitude in choosing to help make our roads safer for all. For more information, call (800) 621-7615.

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