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DDC Marketing Toolkit for Training Centers in New York

  • ​As a National Safety Council® training center, you can use the items in the DDC Marketing Toolkit to promote your driving school. Showcase your partnership with these NSC-branded materials and let your prospective students know that you're committed to making our roads safer by educating drivers on defensive driving and safe driving habits.

    What's in the Toolkit?


    • Print ads: Suitable for yellow pages, newspapers, newsletters and more. Includes PDF and InDesign files so your graphic designer or advertising sales rep can easily re-size and reformat the ads as needed.
    • Web Banner ads: Suitable for use on any website that accepts advertising. The files are .JPG and PSD format that can be easily edited in a variety of platforms, including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint.
    • Web and email graphics: Coordinated website and email banner graphics that create a professional look. Graphics can be edited or resized in software programs including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Paint.
    • Promotional flyer: A great tool to help promote your business. Fill in the editable area with your class schedule, special promotions, etc., in Acrobat Reader, or have your professional graphic designer create a more customized look using InDesign.


    How to Customize the Materials


    The PDF files included in the toolkit can be easily customized with your company name and contact information using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available as a free download.)

    To complete more complex edits such as resizing files, changing pictures, etc, you may require the services of a professional graphic designer, or have access to design software including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Paint, etc.

2" x 4" print ad Download Download    
3.5" x 4" print ad Download Download    
7" x 4" print ad Download Download    
4500 DDC NY Advertising Download Download    
8.5" x 11" promotional flyer Download Download    
Web - email header 500 px. x 150 px.     Download Download
Web - email header 600 px. x 150 px.     Download Download
Web banner ad 300 px. X 250 px. View Sizes   Download Download
Web banner ad 468 px. X 60 px.     Download Download
Web banner ad 728 px. X 90 px.     Download Download

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