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Customize Your First Aid Training to be More Relevant to the Utilities Industry

  • ​It's a sobering statistic: 44 line workers were killed on the job in 2013. Even more tragic, a rapid first aid response could have prevented some of those deaths. 

    Be sure your employees are prepared to act correctly if an incident happens.  Implement a customized training program from NSC – the leader in workplace first aid training. It's not just a best practice, it's an OSHA requirement. 

    With our new industry-specific training scenarios, the content is more relevant to the incidents your employees will face – including high-voltage contact, falls or working in confined spaces. And the scenarios can even be customized by the instructor to highlight risks, or add content to reinforce compliance issues – without adding extra classroom time.

    Bleeding and Wound Care Scenarios 

    Following are examples of customized bleeding and wound care scenarios from the electrical, oil and water industries, which are included in the instructor DVDs and PowerPoint presentations:

  • ▼ Electrical Utility Scenario

  • ▼ Oil Utility Scenario

  • ▼ Water Utility Scenario

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