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  • You Can Always Count on NSC Instructor Mike Ezzell

    Most people know that when it comes to team-effort, there are those who can be counted on who are always top of mind. You know, the ones who show up without fail when needed. 

    NSC Instructor Mike Ezzell is one of those people. He's like the family member who keeps everyone together, gently nudges the rest of us to get in gear, and provides assistance to others without even so much as a blink of an eye.

    A long-time teacher and trainer, Mike has taught at the elementary school level, as a public safety program leader, as well as in the corporate arena. He is a safety expert, to say the least, who not only teaches the NSC First Aid menu of classes, but teaches for other NSC divisions as well. 

    NSC has been able to utilize Mike's expertise and unique skills for training events for our corporate clients across the country. His willingness to represent NSC with professionalism and flexibility when delivering a client's requested content is respected and appreciated.

    And, Mike enjoys his work.

    "It is great to have a student come back later to share how what they learned in the class helped them know what to do when a first aid situation arose," Mike said.

    We salute our Instructor, Mike Ezzell. And, in the spirit of the mission of the National Safety Council, we appreciate how he contributes to keeping each other safe.

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