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Deborah Trombley, MPH

  • ​Senior Program Manager, Transportation

    Deborah Trombley has a 25-year background in injury control programs and marketing communications. At the National Safety Council, she works on influencing change in behavior and policies to reduce motor vehicle crashes. Deborah has worked on cell phone distracted driving, teen driving and Graduated Driver Licensing, alcohol-impaired driving, child passenger safety including serving as Secretariat of the National Child Passenger Safety Board, and employer policies.

    Prior to jo­ining NSC, Deborah worked on underage drinking and youth violence issues at the Minnesota Department of Health, where she promoted evidence-based strategies and evaluated injury prevention programs among public health professionals.

    Deborah also worked on older driver issues at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and ran community injury prevention programs for the University of Michigan Health System's Trauma Burn Center.

    Deborah holds a master's degree in public health from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a bachelor of science degree in public relations and marketing from Eastern Michigan University.

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