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Leading Safety into the Future: Our Top Strategic Initiatives

National Safety Council designates significant resources to a number of initiatives to reduce injuries and deaths.

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  • Safety Agenda

    NSC examines issues that lead to preventable injury and death, and strategies we can use to stay safe.

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Safer Driving with Technology: My Car Does What?

NSC and University of Iowa is educating the public on how to best interact with vehicle safety features. Learn more.

The Journey to Safety Excellence

A safe workplace takes commitment. NSC offers a roadmap to help organizations work toward zero injuries. Learn more about The Journey.

Car Crashes are the No. 1 Cause of Death for Teens

Getting a new license starts an incredibly dangerous time for teens. Learn what NSC is doing to help parents and their children.

Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

NSC estimates cell phone use is involved in 26 percent of all car crashes. Learn more about our distracted driving initiative.

Madison-Dane County: NSC Safe Community in Action

NSC is the national leader for Safe Communities America, which brings community partners together to tackle safety issues at the local level. Learn more.

Prescription Painkiller Abuse: The Worst Drug Epidemic

More people die from preventable drug overdoses than motor vehicle crashes. Find out what NSC is doing to combat this epidemic.

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