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  • Install our Weekly Green Cross Tip Widget

    ​The Council offers a weekly safety tip through our easy-to-install Green Cross tip widget.

  • Easily Communicate Safety Messages


    Try the newly designed Green Cross tip widget. In just 90 seconds you can provide weekly safety tips on your intranet and internet sites. No maintenance required—we take care of loading new tips on our end.

    Click here for quick & easy instructions.

  • Engage Employees on Off-the-Job Safety

    ​Our Green Cross tip content focuses on consumer safety, rather than occupational safety, and may include advice on driving, first aid and home safety, plus timely seasonal tips.

  • Daily Tips during National Safety Month

    ​Throughout the month of June, the weekly Green Cross tip will become daily in observance of National Safety Month. There will be no need for you to do anything on your end—simply take advantage of the extra content.

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The National Safety Council eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

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