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Erik Spurling

  • ​They say things change in the blink of an eye, and that was definitely true for Erik Spurling, senior director of relationship management for the National Safety Council.

    On May 1, 2012, his life changed in a profound way. He was on a routine business trip traveling through Lexington, KY, when a driver who was busy texting swerved across three lanes of traffic, flipping her car 360 degrees in the air and hitting the car Erik was riding in head-on. The crash closed down the highway for several hours as the EMT's extracted the driver and Erik from the car.

    He was lucky to live through the catastrophic crash; the doctors didn't expect him to survive. He was rushed into emergency surgery, and again later that evening to deal with complications from the initial procedure. What followed were months and months of rehabilitation and two years of missed work before things return to a "new normal."

    It was a dark, desperate and frustrating time for Erik, having been robbed of the ability to think clearly due to traumatic brain injury. It took the tenacity, persistence and belief of a great team of doctors and specialists to help him reach each and every recovery milestone. One thing he knew for certain through the entire recovery process was that he wanted to be a productive person again. He knew he wanted to do something meaningful with the rest of his life.

    Erik said he feels so fortunate to have found that meaning by striving every day to save lives at the National Safety Council.

    "I love working for NSC and often get emotional pulling into the parking lot each morning, knowing that I am helping to make the world safer and getting the chance to be part of such an extraordinary organization," he said.

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