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  • The National Safety Council offers these suggestions to help make your holiday season safe.

    Toys and Gifts
    • Be especially careful when you choose toys for infants or small children. Avoid toys with small parts that can be pulled or broken off or prove a choking hazard.
    • Be aware of dangers associated with coin lithium batteries



    • Don't burn trees, wreaths or wrapping paper in the fireplace.
    • The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends checking and cleaning the chimney and fireplace area at least once a year.
  • Decorations
    Wear gloves while decorating with spun glass "angel hair." It can irritate your eyes and skin. A common substitute is non-flammable cotton.

    When spraying artificial snow on windows or other surfaces, be sure to follow directions carefully. These sprays can irritate your lungs if you inhale them.


    Never use lighted candles near trees, curtains or with any flammable item. Candles should not be left burning while unattended.

  • Older Adults

    ​Select gifts for older adults that are not heavy or awkward to handle.

  • Alcohol, Parties, and Driving

    ​Use designated drivers, people who do not drink, to drive other guests home after a holiday party.

  • Holiday Safety Tips

    ​Stay safe and sound while celebrating this holiday season.

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