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  • Summer and Alcohol

    Avoid heat-related illness and alcohol-caused injuries this summer by following these rules:

    • Keep hydrated. Drink non-alcoholic or non-caffeinated beverages, such as water or sports drinks.
    • If you decide to drink an alcoholic or caffeinated beverage, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after.
    • If you take any medication regularly, ask your doctor if you need to be extra cautious when outdoors and in the sun and heat.
    • If you plan to drink, designate a non-drinking driver.
    • When boating, never allow alcohol on board
  • ​During the summer months, more people spend time outside. As a result, activities like boating increase. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol was a factor in 355 boat collisions in 2012. In addition, alcohol and caffeine contribute to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

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