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  • Tobacco Use

    ​​Learn why cutting back on tobacco means cutting costs.

  • The Problem with Tobaccco Use

    ​Tobacco use significantly impacts the American workplace. It the leading cause of worker lost production time and affects the workplace through lost wages, absenteeism, fires or cigarette-related incidents and discomfort for non-smokers who are wary of secondhand smoke.

  • Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Tobacco use can cause multiple types of cancers, heart disease, stroke, complications during pregnancy and chest problems. Unfortunately, among adults, smoking rates have remained steady for the last several years.

  • What Employers Can Do

    Enforce a smoke-free policy within the workplace. Tobacco-free policies have been shown to:
    • Reduce the amount of cigarettes individuals smoke each day, Give employees the motivation and environmental support to quit and protect employees from secondhand smoke.
    • Be aware of your state’s smoke-free areas.
    • Offer resources encourage a reduction in tobacco use or quitting.


  • Hazards of Secondhand Smoke

    ​Don't let someone else's habit harm you.

    Be Smoke Free

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