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  • Vaccine Preventable Disease

    ​​Learn who and why certain individuals should be vaccinated.

    Off the job safety facts about vaccine preventable disease.
  • Why Vaccine Preventable Disease is a Concern

    ​Diseases that can be prevented by vaccines kill more than 50,000 American adults every year and send hundreds of thousands more to hospitals for treatment. Many people are not aware that they may still need vaccinations as an adult. And adults may need booster vaccinations in order to have full protection.

  • A booster vaccination may be necessary if: immunity wore off and they lack full protection against once common childhood diseases.

    Some older adults may have never been vaccinated as a child. Many newer vaccines were not available when they were a child. Older adults are more susceptible to serious diseases caused by common infections. Vaccines promote a better quality of life and prevent serious and even life threatening illnesses from infectious disease.

  • Impact on the Workplace

    Vaccine preventable diseases such as seasonal influenza and pneumonia cause unnecessary absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased medical costs.

    Those who face the highest risk are: the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with weaker immune systems and people with illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

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