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  • Minimize Injury While Maximizing Productivity

    Ergonomics is Key

    As an employer or manager, you can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve worker performance by implementing ergonomic improvements in your workplace.

    Overexertion (strains and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems and other musculoskeletal injuries) is responsible for about one-third of all workplace injuries requiring time away from work – and it's not happening only to construction workers. Education, health services and retail industry sectors had the greatest number of injuries, making up 46% of all injuries in 2014, according to Injury Facts 2017.

    The average workers' compensation cost was about $32,000 per employee, but the actual cost is much higher when you factor in investigation time, overtime, down time, loss of productivity, higher insurance premiums and more.

    Ergonomic Improvements Provide Excellent ROI

    Too often, employees are told to get the job done as quickly as possible – not as safely as possible. That's part of the reason ergonomics injuries cost employers hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

    Workers should never feel like they have to work through pain to get the job done. Even small, inexpensive adjustments can make a big difference. But first, it's important to assess your workplace:

    • Identify existing problems by walking the facility, reviewing injury reports and listening to workers' concerns
    • Train workers to identify problems; they are your eyes and ears
    • Encourage injury reporting
    • Let employees know when ergo changes are made and why

    When the work environment is not ideal, the outcome could be long-term. Ergonomic injury is cumulative and can cause chronic pain and disability. The sooner environmental changes are made, the better.

    Employers who provide ergonomics training for all employees and develop workplace programs, such as individual worksite evaluations or perform workstation risk assessments, will benefit not only their workers but their businesses, as well. 

    Bring Safety Home

    It's back-to-school time again, and the National Safety Council offers lots of tips for families with children. Whether they're starting kindergarten or senior year, we can help you send them off each day safely. Talk to your children about staying safe, even when you're not around:

  • 5-minute Safety Talk

    One-third of all workers' compensation claims are due to ergonomic issues. This 5-Minute Safety Talk explains the health issues that can be caused by ergonomics issues and how to minimize risk factors.  Use this 5-Minute PowerPoint Presentation in conjunction with the safety talk for additional impact.

    Featured Tip Sheet and Checklist

    About 80% of the U.S. population will experience back pain, and most cases are caused by actions like improper lifting or an awkward work environment. This Tip Sheet  and Checklist will help your employees work ergonomically.

    Featured Quiz

    Quiz your employees on the causes and health consequences of ergonomics injuries and ways to mitigate the risk.

    2-Minute Safety Video

    Start your next safety meeting with this 2-minute safety video to quickly engage and educate your employees on how to recognize ergonomic symptoms and risk factors.

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    This poster shows employees how to increase worker safety and productivity, and reduce ergonomic injuries.

     On the Job Injuries

    Eye strain can be a problem for any worker who uses a computer regularly. This poster outlines the causes of eye strain – and the remedies.

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