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Family Safety & Health Magazine
Family Safety and Health Magazine

A corporate wellness publication designed for employee safety and health beyond the workplace

Make a real difference in the lives of your employees with Family Safety & Health® magazine

Expand your safety culture by investing in a corporate subscription to Family Safety & Health®, a quarterly magazine with tips to keep your employees and their families safe. You’ll find a wide variety of engaging, educational articles to help prevent injuries and deaths 24/7. And we deliver the magazine directly to their homes.

Organizations that keep employees safe beyond the workplace often benefit from:

Increased productivity
A healthier environment
Reduced employee turnover

Sell safety upstairs

There are a wide range of benefits when you integrate a corporate subscription to Family Safety & Health® into your organization’s safety program. When approaching leadership to get buy in on this program, include the following points to help them understand the benefits of expanding the safety culture outside of the workplace.

  1. Did you know nearly three-fourths of medically consulted injuries take place outside of work? Annually, 13.1 million workers experience serious injuries and 52,000 are killed in incidents that occur off the job. Give your employees knowledge where they need it most - at home!
  2. Caring for your employees has financial benefits as well. The average employer pays $820 for every employee each year in off-the-job injuries§ – including costs associated with absenteeism, higher health care costs, reduced productivity and unscheduled work interruptions. You can reduce that cost by keeping your employees safe at home and in their communities. For as little as $6.65 per subscription*, you can make a huge impact across your entire organization.
  3. As a value-added benefit, your employess and their families will have access to the digital version of the magazine, the archives of past issues, and an interactive quiz about each issue of the magazine.

* Average price based on a 500-copy subscription for an NSC member. Prices vary based on quantity and membership status.
§† National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2013 Edition

FAQs for Family Safety & Health®

What types of articles are in the magazine?

Each quarterly issue of Family Safety & Health® contains information that will help your employees and their families stay safe and healthy when not at work. Articles are written for people of all ages about safety and wellness at home, in the community and on the road. Examples include stretching before gardening, driving safely in the snow, proper lighting to prevent slips and falls in the home, swimming pool safety, recognizing the symptoms of diabetes, and packing a healthy lunch.

Can I customize this for my employees?

Family Safety & Health® offers levels of customization for every budget. We can include your four-color logo on the front of the magazine and fill the inside cover with a photo and letter from the president of your company greeting employees to the new issue and asking them to be safe. Or we can imprint your black-and-white logo on the top half of the back cover.

Can I include company news in the magazine?

Yes, with our customization options, you can include a page of company news on the inside front or inside back cover of the magazine every quarter.

How can I get Family Safety & Health® to my employees’ homes?

We will mail Family Safety & Health® directly to your employees’ homes.* In fact, we can mail the magazine at a lower rate than our for-profit customers because of the National Safety Council’s not-for-profit status.

*We will sign a sworn statement stating that the National Safety Council will not use employee home address lists for any other application.



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