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Alive at 25 Parent Program

Program for parents of young drivers 

Parents play the most important role in their teens’ learning-to-drive process

Alive at 25® Parent Program Online

To properly prepare teens to drive, parents must have a clear understanding of the risks they face. That’s why the National Safety Council developed Alive at 25® Parent Program. The 2-hour online program identify those risks, and help parents reinforce good driving skills and decision-making to them become safe and responsible drivers.

Parents will learn to:

  • Get involved in training their teens to drive safely and responsibly
  • Encourage the parent/teen partnership from learning to drive through independent driving.
  • Offer practical solutions to reduce the unique risks and hazards teen drivers face
  • Help their teens to understand the need for defensive driver training
  • Examine how to approach Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws, and those related to safety belts, speeding, and alcohol and drugs
  • Provide an example of an effective parent/teen driver contract and discuss the importance of using the contract to manage teens’ driving experience

Parent Program Online Screenshot 

This highly interactive program provides an overview of the importance of graduated driving laws, relevant facts and statistics, and strategies to help keep teenage drivers safe. The useful bookmark feature allows parents to interrupt then continue the course as their schedules allow. Also includes a resource center, with printable materials.

Raise funds for your school or organization

Parent Program Online Fundraiser 

It’s an easy way to raise funds for your school or PTO/PTA with NO administration on your part! Just post a link on your website that will take participants to the Alive at 25® Parent Program Online course. For every individual who enrolls in the course (using a special referral code), your school or organization will receive $5!


We make it simple to start and maintenance free:

  • No program administration
  • No start-up fees
  • No operating costs
  • No donations to solicit and nothing to sell
  • Cancel the program at any time
  • We’ll even help with the marketing

To get started:


Join us in our mission to save teen lives. Request for more information about NSC's Alive at 25 Programs.

Teen Driver Guide

Teen Driver: A Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety

Understand the risks young drivers face and help them manage their journey from beginner to independent drivers with this important guide no parent of a teen driver should be without.

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