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First Aid for Wellness

First Aid Training Saves Lives

The mission of the National Safety Council is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths. To date NSC has trained more than 10,000,000 responders in First Aid and CPR and has saved approximately 30,000 lives.

Roger Ekins

The Cub Scout Fishing Derby had been over for a long time when everyone heard screams for help. Roger Ekins, an NSC instructor, and others responding found a young boy under water. He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.

After Ekins helped perform CPR and provided airway support, the boy’s heartbeat and respirations returned. The boy was flown to a hospital for treatment and was able to return home after several days.

Michael Rolfes

While waiting in traffic near a construction site, Michael Rolfes saw a man lying motionless on the ground, his coworkers standing over him. Rolfes, an NSC instructor, grabbed the first aid kit and AED he keeps in his car. A nurse stopped to help the man and began performing CPR while Rolfes hooked up the AED.

Within just a minute after a cardioversion, the man began talking and wanting to sit up. He was awake and talking when transported to the hospital.

Troy Weber

The stage at the Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair had just collapsed, causing chaos and many injuries to those around it. Troy Weber was right in the middle of it all and began to assist wherever he could. He helped two other first responders stabilize a patient in grave condition, managing her airway and performing CPR while waiting for transportation to the hospital. Then Weber turned to help other people hurt in the accident. In a makeshift triage area under the stands, Weber began first aid and providing care for a wide range of injuries.Weber credits his NSC training for helping him provide proper care until emergency services were available.

Carlos Morais

Carlos Morais hadn’t been feeling well since arriving for a visit in the United States. He is a Brazilian assistant basketball coach who was practicing with his team. Shortly after Marais left the court, he lost consciousness. His team alerted the coach who performed CPR and revived Morais.

Recognizing how close he came to losing his life, Morais became an NSC CPR instructor after he returned to his native Brazil. He wants to give others the confidence and knowledge they need to save lives, just as his was saved.

Kevin Moran, Authorized NSC Instructor

Kevin Moran teaches NSC CPR & AED classes. Ron, one of his students, was able to come to the aid of a co-worker within days of being trained.

Ron saw a woman giving the universal sign for choking and noted her obvious distress. He asked if she was choking and when she nodded yes, he quickly positioned himself to give abdominal thrusts. Four thrusts dislodged the object from the woman's airway.

Once she was able to breathe, she exclaimed, "You just saved my life!"

For Kevin Moran, Ron and his co-worker, the importance of first aid training was never clearer.

Joshua Thomas, trained by an NSC Instructor

Joshua Thomas works for Southwest Airlines, whose policy requires CPR and first aid training for all leaders. Shortly after he completed his refresher training, Joshua experienced firsthand just how important this training is.

While at work, he was alerted that a TSA agent as performing CPR on a customer, so he quickly brought an AED to the scene. While those who had begun CPR continued with chest compressions and breath counts, Joshua helped ready the customer for defibrillation. Once the AED was properly connected, it took over and delivered three shocks – just as paramedics arrived. The customer was transported to the hospital, where he ultimately recovered from cardiac arrest.

Without the training Joshua received, the customer may not have survived. His training taught him CPR, where to locate the AED, and how to handle a medical emergency situation until EMS arrives.

Brian Keltner, Authorized NSC Instructor

It was a typical summer evening for Brian Keltner and his family, until his daughter Kinlee’s lifeless body was found at the bottom of the family pool.

Keltner, an NSC Pediatric First Aid Instructor, immediately began chest compressions and rescue breaths while another family member called 9-1-1.

Thanks to Keltner’s training and quick response, Kinlee made a full recovery and was able to walk out of the hospital a few days later.


Robbie White and Heather Buchanan, trained by NSC Instructors

Robbie White and Heather Buchanan were working in SGL Group’s boiler room when co-worker Eddie Lanning collapsed, unconscious.

White and Buchanan, SGL First Responders trained in NSC First Aid, CPR & AED, quickly assessed the situation and sent a co-worker to call 9-1-1. White began administering CPR while Buchanan retrieved the AED. Another first responder arrived to assist with CPR.

When EMS arrived, Buchanan had administered the AED and Eddie regained consciousness. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined that he had suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

Thanks to their training White and Buchanan were able to respond quickly and correctly and saved their co-worker’s life.


Onsite training

Contact NSC for more information on first aid training for your organization for as little as $650.00 for a class of 12. Price may vary by location, call us at (800) 621-7619 for details.




Become an Instructor

Become an authorized NSC First Aid Instructor and provide OSHA-compliant classroom training or skills testing.


NSC First Aid Catalog

Download the 2013 First Aid Catalog to get new and proven first aid training materials and instructor options.

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