​Passenger Restraint 

Drivers and passengers who buckle up are 50 percent more likely to survive serious motor vehicle crashes and avoid injuries.

Seat belts are the least expensive and most effective way to lower employer costs due to crashes and injuries.
Texas law states that all passengers in a vehicle must be secured by a safety belt.

What's the Problem?


An estimated 1 million Texans still do not wear safety belts.

Pickup Trucks and Their Increased Dangers

One out of every 4 vehicles in Texas is a pickup truck. In fatal crashes, pickups roll over almost twice as often as passenger cars

  • Over 2/3 of rural pickup truck occupants killed were unrestrained.


What Employers Can Do 


Implement a Safety Belt Policy

Businesses with a written policy requiring employees to buckle up in a company vehicle or on company business have higher on-the-job safety belt usage. Employees who are in the habit of using a safety belt during work hours also are more likely to buckle up when they are off the clock.

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