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The ODC and the National Safety Council hosts informative webinars to help you incorporate best safety practices into your safety program. Learn from top experts and knowledgeable practitioners. Hear the latest trends and information on a wide range of safety topics. Presentations are typically 30-45 minutes, with time at the end for questions.

Mark your calendar for these FREE webinars!  Our presenters will provide insight into resources and helpful information for keeping your employees safe on the roads, on and off the job.

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Our Brains on Technology: A Risky Combo for Drivers

Hands-free or Handheld: Risks Your Workplace Can't Afford


2015 Our Driving Concern Webinar Archive
The Rapidly Changing Face of Substance Abuse: A Defining Moment for Employers
2014 Our Driving Concern Webinar Archive  

Eliminating Driver Distractions: Employer Cell Phone Policies Save Lives and  Cut Costs

Alcohol and Injury: Use Employer Interventions to Promote Safety and Protect Your Business
Defensive Driving: Avoiding Back to Back Collisions
The Multitasking Myth
Stress and Its Impact on the Safety & Health of Employees
Cell Phones & Driver Distractions


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Cog. Distraction
Distracted Drive
Distracted Drive
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Safety Belts
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