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Safety Barometer Express

New! Safety Barometer Express

In order to move forward, you must know the answer to the first question on the Journey to Safety Excellence: where are you now and where do you want to be? And you must be able to measure these results to track and report your progress. The newest product from the National Safety Council will empower you to move strategically forward on this journey.

Designed especially for smaller organizations, the National Safety Council created NSC Safety Barometer Express. It is an easy-to-implement, 50-question employee perception survey that will give you a snapshot of how your organization is operating today so you know where improvements need to be made for tomorrow. It is a “click & go” online survey for companies with 100 employees or less that need a standardized and comprehensive safety measure.

Safety Barometer Express enables you to: 

  • Capture the overall health of your safety management system on an easy to understand scale
  • Signal overall problem areas in need of further study or immediate corrective action
  • Automatically generate a prioritized safety improvement action plan
  • Compare responses of employees to averages in National Safety Council Database giving benchmark percentile scores
  • Provide a numeric baseline for reassessment in the future
  • Provide your management with sensitive and valid leading indicator safety metrics
  • Effectively incorporate safety measures into your continuous improvement process
  • Increase employee engagement and morale
  • Motivate your organization to find gaps and make changes


Statistical results of all NSC surveys, including Safety Barometer Express, focus on benchmarking your company’s responses to a proprietary database of over 500 establishments, representing over a million employees across the world. Percentile scores on a scale of 0 to 100 are calculated for each of the 50 survey items based on how your organization’s average response compares to all other survey users. A score of 100 indicates the top score in the database; a score of 0 indicates the lowest; a score of 50 indicates that half the scores are above and half are below your company’s score. Scores for each component are sorted from highest to lowest, generating a prioritized list for action planning.
Safety Barometer Express online survey form
This online survey form includes 50 agree/disagree questions on a 5-point scale covering topics such as senior management leadership and commitment, supervisory engagement, employee involvement, safety programs and activities, safety climate and organizational climate. The amount of time it takes to complete the online survey is about 10-15 minutes. There is no hassle of downloading or learning survey software at your organization; all that your employees need to access the survey is the link we provide to a secure NSC webpage. Individual responses cannot be tracked, so employees can feel confident their individual response will remain anonymous. You’ll want to survey all employees across your organization to receive the most accurate and useful results.
Safety Barometer Express Project timeline
Task ​ Approximate Time Allotted
Purchase Survey
Purchase Safety Barometer Express and move forward on the Journey to Safety Excellence!​
1 day
(Client prerogative)​
Online Survey Link Delivery
NSC provides link to secure survey webpage via email as well as survey administration tips and guidelines.​
2 business days​
Data Collection
Your company distributes the secure survey webpage for all employees at your organization to complete. Once your company has completed the survey, NSC deactivates the survey and downloads the data your company has collected. ​
15 business days
(Client prerogative)​
Data Analysis & Results Report
NSC provides you with a concise results report after online survey form deactivation.​
10 business days​
Plan Resurvey Process
Resurvey using Safety Barometer Express or one of our full service survey options to receive year-to-year comparisons and measure progress.​
Every 1-3 years
(Client prerogative)​
Order online today!
Order Safety Barometer Express today by adding it to your shopping cart or by calling (800) 621-7619. This effective and easy-to-use survey is only $999 for members ($1199 for nonmembers).
Does your organization have more than 100 employees? Or are you looking to customize your survey forms, compare groups (e.g., shift, department), or elicit open-ended comments from your employee? Do you need paper survey forms or surveys in multiple languages? Learn more about our full service survey services at
Do you have further questions regarding Safety Barometer Express? Please contact
We look forward to helping you strengthen your safety culture!

Order Safety Barometer Express

Buy online or call
(800) 621-7619.

This small business survey is only $999 for NSC members ($1199 for nonmembers).

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