James Solomon

James Solomon

  • Director, Defensive Driving Program Development & Training

    James Solomon is responsible for the accuracy and training of the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses. Mr. Solomon also oversees the quality of NSC defensive driving instruction worldwide. He has been recognized worldwide for training for the National Safety Council courses for cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, senior citizens and driver attitude modification.

    A master teacher, Mr. Solomon has more than 40 years experience in defensive driving classrooms and advises the design and technical accuracy of NSC roadway safety programs and publications. He has received credentials to teach grades seven through twelve in Missouri; high school in New York; and senior citizen motorists in Illinois. 

    James Solomon has been approved by the DOT as a workplace Breath Alcohol Technician, instrument calibrator and instrument trainer. He designed, developed and market tested the first edition of DDC – Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving. Mr. Solomon also has forged strategic partnership in working with the Colorado State Patrol to develop the law enforcement version of the Alive at 25 program and serving with the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, to design and develop Illinois-specific driving programs.

    Mr. Solomon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Murray State University. He serves on the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, represents NSC on the American Society of Safety Engineers ANSI Z-15 Committee and works closely with the NSC Defensive Driving Courses International Advisory Committee.

  • Defensive Driving Training

    Defensive Driver Training

    ​​National Safety Council pioneered the first defensive driving course more than 50 years ago and remains the leader in driver safety with more than 70 million drivers trained.

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