Rachael Cooper

Rachael Cooper, MFS

Senior Program Manager, Opioid Use Harm Prevention

Rachael Cooper has devoted her career to the public health and social services sectors, with expertise in substance use harm prevention, providing direct services to people with substance use disorders, harm reduction work, opioid overdose prevention and education, and community engagement. At the National Safety Council, she leads the effort to prevent all harm brought on by the opioid epidemic – the No. 1 cause of preventable death in America.

Rachael manages the multi-level Council initiative, which includes working with a wide range of partner organizations, and educating employers, medical professionals and community members on a variety of issues relating to the overdose crisis. These issues include safe prescribing practices, enhancing access to treatment and recovery, reducing stigma against people with substance use disorders, preventing unintentional overdose and helping employers understand the role they can play in addressing the epidemic.

Responsible for staying on top of opioid crisis research and trends for NSC, Rachael also aids the Council’s work in supporting legislation and shaping policy to address the epidemic. Rachael chairs the Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention Workgroup for the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition that addresses opioid overdose and misuse in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. She has extensive experience managing multimedia campaigns, curriculum development, and developing and facilitating trainings on the overdose crisis for a wide variety of audiences.

Previously, Rachael was prevention coordinator for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, working directly with community residents to provide linkage to treatment, recovery, training and educational outreach. In addition to working with a variety of local and national nonprofit organizations, she has honed her skills by providing individualized consulting services on substance use prevention.

Rachael holds a master’s degree in French studies, international development and global health from the University of Wisconsin, where she also did her undergraduate work, receiving bachelor degrees in both French and psychology. Based in Madison, Wisc., she is also active in her community, and works with several volunteer groups that address the overdose epidemic.