Get Free Resources to Protect Your Teen this National Teen Driver Safety Week

Check out our updated New Driver Deal and Pointers for Parents.

October 19, 2018

October 21-27 is National Teen Driver Safety Week and it’s the perfect time to ask yourself: what more can I do to help protect my teen?

If you’re not sure, DriveitHOME has you covered! We’ve recently updated a few of our favorite resources for parents and they’re now ready to be used.

New Driver Deal

First, we have an updated New Driver Deal designed to get you and your teen driver on the same page about rules and expectations for driving. We know the rules and privileges will change somewhat as your teen gains experience, so this is meant to be a flexible, living document. You can both agree on terms, sign it and post it somewhere visible in your home so it stays top of mind. Then, after a period of time you can both revisit it and talk over any changes you’d like to make.

It can be difficult to set rules for your teen without feeling like you’re taking control of this exciting time for them, but the New Driver Deal can help make this easier and remind you both that these rules are about keeping everyone safe. The clearer things are, the easier it is to stick to them and that’s what we hope the New Driver Deal can do for you.

Pointers for Parents

We also have our Pointers for Parents, your roadmap to teen driver safety. Your teen won’t be an excellent, responsible driver from day one but you can help them build skills and develop safe habits. Our Pointers for Parents are 52 lessons – reviewed and vetted by a driver education professional – meant to provide you with ideas for driving practices and important topics to introduce your teen to.

You can browse through these lessons at your own speed or sign up to receive weekly lessons via email for a full year. Even after your teen obtains a license, it is best to continue to practice with them each week and make sure they continue to learn. Our Pointers for Parents can make this easy!

Though your teen getting behind the wheel is an exciting time, it’s especially important that you stay involved and teach them how to be a responsible driver. We hope these resources will make things simpler and we’re always working on more tools to help. Check out what we’ve put together so far and make sure you’re prepared to protect your teen this National Teen Driver Safety Week.

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