Safety Through Design
Safety Through Design

Safety Through Design

Safety through design is not a precise science. Since it is not a “one size fits all” type of effort, it will require customization within a company. But, the basic concepts of early involvement in the design stage and careful evaluation of hazards and risk assessment are universally applicable. Safety Through Design focuses on providing significant insights into the different concepts of design, and their potential integration and application in a company's operations.

This important textbook on the leading edge of safety theory and implementation teaches students how personnel at each level of engineering should be given responsibility for building safety into the job, right through production. It demonstrates how responsibility extends to product design, machine design, plant layout and condition of premises, selection and specification of materials, production planning, and duties of managers and employees. A great text for safety and engineering students alike.

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Table of Contents

Part I Introducing Safety Through Design
  1. Why Safety Through Design: What’s In It for You?
  2. Concepts, Principles, and Methods for Safety Through Design
  3. Benchmarking for World-Class SAFety Through Design
  4. Achieving the Necessary Culture Change
  5. What Do Engineers Really Know About Safety?
Part II Integration Into Business Practices
  1. Relating Principles to Quality Management
  2. Integrating Concepts into the Design Process
  3. Influence in Contracting and Purchasing
  4. Designing for Maintainability, Reliability, and Safety
  5. Proactive Ergonomics and Designing for Error-Free Work
  6. Using Concepts in Retrofitting Existing Operations
  7. Applying Concepts to Product Liability Prevention
Part III Safety Through Design in Industry
  1. Application in General Industry
  2. Application in Automotive Industry
  3. Application in Aircraft Manufacturing
  4. Application in the Chemical Industry
  5. Application in the Construction Industry
  6. Application in the Electronics Industry
  7. Beyond the Millennium – Safety Through Design in 2005


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