Accident Prevention Manual Essentials
Accident Prevention Manual Essentials

Accident Prevention Manual Essentials

The essentials edition combines the most critical chapters from the 14th editions of the Accident Prevention Manual: Engineering & Technology and the Accident Prevention Manual: Administration & Programs to provide a single resource for educators and safety professionals.

This new slimmed-down version of the National Safety Council’s flagship textbook series builds on the outstanding work of previous contributors. Since 1946, experts from a variety of different subject areas have come together to make the APMs an important resource in support of safety programs and education. The Accident Prevention Manual Essentials continues in that tradition by compiling the fundamental topics relevant to a safety, health, or environmental professional.

Serving safety professionals with years of experience, individuals new to the field of safety, as well as educators introducing students to a career in the safety industry, the APM Essentials is a valuable source of information that can be incorporated into the goals and objectives of any organization’s safety program. (Click on Downloads on the right to find supplemental materials to accompany the textbook.)

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Table of Contents

  1. Safety Culture
  2. Regulatory Framework for Safety
  3. Legal Implications for Safety
  4. Injury and Illness Record Keeping, Incidence Rates, and Analysis
  5. Identifying Hazards
  6. Loss Control and Prevention
  7. Safety and Health Training
  8. The Computer and Internet as Safety Information Tools
  9. Fire Protection
  10. Electrical Safety
  11. Construction Safety
  12. Basics of Industrial Hygiene
  13. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  14. Lab Safety


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Pages: 512
Copyright date: 2014
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ISBN: 978-0-87912-332-1
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