Accident Prevention Manual Security
Accident Prevention Manual for Business & Industry: Security Management (2nd Edition)

Accident Prevention Manual for Business & Industry: Security Management (2nd Edition)

The Accident Prevention Manual for Business & Industry: Security Management is the industry’s most up-to-date resource for protecting personnel, property and proprietary information. This textbook edited by Edward J. Krueger addresses the major changes in security management over the last decade, including the most current threats in global and domestic terrorism, workplace violence, corporate espionage, and cyber attacks.

Each chapter is authored and reviewed by a team of respected safety and security professionals, bringing together the perspectives of practitioners and educators to provide security managers, safety directors, and students preparing for a career in security management, a reference tool for assuming expanding roles and responsibilities of security in the workplace.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Security Overview
  1. Historical Perspectives
  2. Security Issues and Trends
Part 2 Security and the Law
  1. Concepts of Security Law
  2. Foreseeability of Crime and Adequacy of Security
  3. Aspects of Professional Liability
Part 3 Organizational Management of Security
  1. Defining a Security Management Program
  2. Organization of a Security Program
  3. Management of Security Investigations
Part 4 Personnel Security Management
  1. Human Resources and Security Management
  2. Personnel Security Issues and Employer Liability
  3. Employment Policies and Procedures
Part 5 Management of Proprietary Information
  1. Information Security Management Systems
  2. Developing an Information Security Program
  3. Security Management Models and Practices
Part 6 Physical Security Concepts
  1. Basic Risk Assessment for Security Management
  2. The Physical Security Survey
  3. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  4. Secure Facility Design
  5. Barriers and Locking Systems
  6. Secured Storage Areas
Part 7 Critical Incident Management
  1. Developing an Emergency Operations Plan
  2. The Critical Incident Planning Process
  3. Workplace Violence Prevention
  4. Civil Unrest Preparedness
  5. A Public-Private Partnership on Security
Part 8 Special Topics
  1. Terrorism Preparedness
  2. Pandemic Preparedness
  3. Future of Security Management
  4. Security Resources


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