Ergonomics Practical Guide 2E
Ergonomics: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)

Ergonomics: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)

This redesigned manual and new resource CD offer a fresh look at the proven, practical knowledge that safety and health professionals need to establish and maintain a successful ergonomics program.

Reformatted for readability and quick reference, the manual serves as a great tool to identify and correct ergonomics problems in the workplace. It discusses how to:

  • Analyze work methods and workstations
  • Identify and resolve problems
  • Implement an ergonomics program that fits the job to the worker to reduce the potential for fatigue, illness, and unsafe practices.
  • The companion CD includes six appendixes and resources to help evaluate and improve your ergonomics program, including printable 8.5” x 11” facility and workstation checklists, questionnaire for evaluation of chairs, and guidelines for choosing an ergonomic consultant.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Ergonomics in the Workplace
    2. Identifying Ergonomic Problems
    3. Ergonomic Task Analysis
    4. Anthropometry and Workplace Stressors
    5. Seated and Standing Operations
    6. Manual Materials Handling
    7. Occupationally Related Upper Extremity Disorders
    8. Tools, Controls, and Displays
    9. How to Implement an Ergonomics Program

    10. Appendix 1: Overall Facility Checklist
      Appendix 2: Workstation Checklist
      Appendix 3: Sample Questions for Worker Evaluation of Chairs
      Appendix 4: Checklist for Reduction of Potential Hand Tool Injuries
      Appendix 5: Ergonomics Program Development
      Appendix 6: Selecting an Ergonomics Consultant


    Formats: Softcover and CD
    Dimensions: 6" x 9"
    Pages: 128
    Copyright date: 1993
    Illustrated: Yes
    Product #: 12218-0000
    ISBN: 978-0-87912-168-6
    Suggested retail price: $54.65

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