Essentials of ndustrial Hygiene
Essentials of Industrial Hygiene

Essentials of Industrial Hygiene

The first edition of the Essentials of Industrial Hygiene provides students and safety professionals with the necessary understanding of the core sciences along with how those concepts apply to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace and environmental hazards.

This textbook addresses all of the key subject areas in sufficient detail to ensure that readers can understand and apply fundamental principles, without providing so much information as to distract and overwhelm them. Each chapter opens with learning objectives, which lead into thorough discussions on topics such as government regulations, management systems, chemical hazards and toxicology, noise control, radiation safety, ergonomics, and biological hazards. Material is presented in an engaging and informative manner including possible real-life scenarios and practical examples. Review questions at the end of each chapter allow readers to test their knowledge of the concepts.

Led by Dr. Thomas P. Fuller, the author team has decades of working experience in industrial hygiene, giving them a clear understanding of what new safety professionals need to know when they enter the field.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
  2. The Occupational Safety and Health Act and Industrial Hygiene
  3. Management Systems
  4. Basic Concepts in Industrial Toxicology
  5. Occupational Exposure Limits and Assessment of Chemical Risks
  6. Gases and Vapors
  7. Aerosols
  8. Ventilation
  9. Respiratory Protection
  10. Dermal Hazards
  11. Noise
  12. Radiation
  13. Thermal Stressors
  14. Ergonomics
  15. Biological Hazards


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