Fundamentals Industrial Hygiene 6th Edition
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene (6th Edition)

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene (6th Edition)

The 6th edition of the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene builds on four decades of excellent and dedicated work of previous contributors to one of the National Safety Council's cornerstone textbooks. Since 1971, experts from a wide variety of subject areas have come together to make the FIH an important asset for those interested in and directly responsible for the recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational hazards.

This update edited by Barbara A. Plog and Patricia J. Quinlan continues in that tradition, bringing to the industrial hygienist, safety professional, and medical professional a broad discussion of workplace hazards, control procedures, government regulations, and environmental issues. The Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene features extensively updated information in all chapters. New or completely rewritten chapters include Particulate Matter, Ionizing Radiation, Personal Protective Equipment, Environmental Health and Safety, Government Regulations, and International Developments in Occupational Safety and Health.

This new edition is a valuable resource serving industrial hygienists and safety professionals with years of experience, but can also be used as instructional textbook for industrial hygiene courses. (Click on Downloads on the right to find supplemental materials to accompany the textbook.) The FIH continues to provide a wealth of information that can be incorporated into the goals and objectives of any organization's occupational hazard control program.

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The National Safety Council also offers an Abbreviated Edition of the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, which includes only Parts II, III, IV, and V, for a reduced price.

Table of Contents

I History and Development
  1. Overview of Industrial Hygiene
II Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology
  1. The Lungs
  2. The Skin and Occupational Dermatoses
  3. The Ears
  4. The Eyes
III Recognition of Hazards
  1. Industrial Toxicology
  2. Gases, Vapors, and Solvents
  3. Particulate Matter
  4. Industrial Noise
  5. Ionizing Radiation
  6. Nonionizing Radiation
  7. Thermal Stress
  8. Ergonomics
  9. Biological Hazards
IV Evaluation of Hazards
  1. Evaluation
  2. Air Sampling
  3. Direct-Reading Instruments for Gases, Vapors, and Particulates
V Control of Hazards
  1. Methods of Control
  2. Local Exhaust Ventilation
  3. Dilution Ventilation of Industrial Workplaces
  4. General Ventilation of Nonindustrial Occupancies
  5. Respiratory Protection
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
VI Occupational Health and Safety Professions
  1. The Industrial Hygienist
  2. The Safety Professional
  3. The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physician
  4. The Occupational Health Nurse
  5. Environmental Health and Safety
  6. The Industrial Hygiene Program
VII Government Regulations and Their Impact
  1. Government Regulations
  2. International Developments in Occupational Safety and Health
  1. Additional Resources
  2. ACGIH Threshold Limit Values (TLVs®) and Bioligical Exposure Indices (BEIs®)
  3. Conversion of Units
  4. Review of Mathematics
  5. Glossary


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