Heinrich Revisited Truisms Myths 2nd Edition
Heinrich Revisited: Truisms or Myths (2nd Edition)

Heinrich Revisited: Truisms or Myths (2nd Edition)

H. W. Heinrich was a pioneer of accident prevention and investigation in the 1930s. This second edition of Heinrich Revisited: Truisms or Myths analyzes the principles of Heinrich’s safety premises, reviews their origins, and evaluates whether they are truisms or myths. Fred A. Manuele delves deeper in this edition to determine whether Heinrich’s theories are valid and effective in today’s safety practices and how eliminating myths can improve accident prevention systems.

This new edition includes updated material to support Manuele’s claims, and seven new chapters provide guidance on current thinking and risk management. These new chapters specifically address incident investigation, currently accepted premises, avoiding and reducing human error, ANSI/AIHA Z10-2012, prevention through design, and the socio-technical model.

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Table of Contents

  1. Who Was H. W. Heinrich?
  2. An Overview, Editorial Notes, and General Observations
  3. Transitions in the Work World
  4. Heinrich’s Emphasis on Psychology
  5. Heinrich’s 88-10-2 Ratios
  6. Heinrich’s 300-29-1 Ratios 1
  7. Indirect and Direct Accident Costs 1
  8. Heinrich on Incident Investigation
  9. Heinrich’s Accident Causation Theory
  10. Currently Accepted Premises
  11. Avoiding and Reducing Human Error
  12. ANSI/AIHA Z10-2012
  13. Prevention through Design: The Standard
  14. Macro Thinking: The Socio-Technical Model
  15. Guidance on Incident Investigation


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