Product Safety Management Guidelines 2nd Edition
Product Safety Management Guidelines (2nd Edition)

Product Safety Management Guidelines (2nd Edition)

This guide to designing and administering a product safety program shows students and safety professionals how to limit liability and eliminate risks.

The purpose of this textbook is to assist those who provide products to develop internal procedures for the safe design, manufacture, distribution, and use of those products. Guidelines include:

  • Identifying key elements in an effective product safety program
  • Discussing what to do first to establish and/or maintain a product safety program
  • Discussing the sources of loss due to product-related accidents
  • Discussing how to control or minimize such losses
  • Listing the programs and information sources available to help the product safety professional maintain and augment the product safety program in his or her organization
  • Exploring every department's product safety responsibilities

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Table of Contents

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Product Safety Program
  3. Product Design and Evaluation
  4. Product Communications Design
  5. Product Quality
  6. Marketing and Sales Activities
  7. Field Operations and Customer Relations
  8. Record Rentention Requirements
  9. Recall Preparedness
  10. Risk Management
  11. Product Safety Program Audits

  1. Product Safety and Real Property
  2. Key Elements of the Consuper Product Safety Act
  3. Injuries Associated with Consumer Products
  4. CPSC Recall Handbook
  5. Glossary
  6. References


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