Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management

Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management

Safety Culture and Effective Safety Management is a compilation of readings about safety cultures and how they function in specific organizations. This unprecedented compilation presents discussions on what safety culture is, what elements within organizations influence safety cultures, and a variety of both traditional and new methods to use to bring about positive culture change.

The volume encompasses research findings on corporate cultures and safety cultures, the safety myths that safety professionals must debunk, methods of measuring and motivating safety performance, and tips on organizing safety and health programs in small-to-large companies and national-to-international corporations. Many important industries are discussed: mining, refineries, shipping, chemical, manufacturing and advanced technologies. Perspectives are presented, including those of behavioralists, organized labor, safety professionals, academics and grassroots workers.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Principles of Safety Culture
  1. On the Future of the Safety Profession, Steven I. Simon, Ph.D.
  2. Successful Safety Management: A Reflection of an Organization’s Culture, Fred A. Manuele, CSP, PE
  3. Elements Influencing a Workplace Safety Culture, Lisa Cullen, CIH
  4. The Relationship between Corporate Culture and Safety Culture, udith A. Erickson, Ph.D.
Part 2 Achieving a Safety Culture
  1. Debunking Safety Myths, Eric Van Fleet, Ph.D.
  2. Using Safety Audits to Measure Safety and Health Programs , George Swartz, CSP
  3. Incentives for Safety, Thomas W. Lawrence, Jr., CSP, PE Marc E. Flanders, ARM
  4. The Voluntary Protection Program, George Swartz, CSP
  5. A Holistic Approach to Changing Unsafe Attitudes and Behaviors, Michael D. Topf
  6. A Union Perspective on Behavior-Based Safety, James Howe, CSP
  7. Safety Cultures in Conglomerates and Multinational Corporations, Lawrence E. Oldendorf, PE, CSP David W. Milner, CHCM, James Rost, CSP, ARM
Part 3 Case Histories from Business and Industry
  1. Safety Cultures within Multinational Organizations, Richard W. Lack, PE, CSP, CPP, CHCM, CSHM, RSP (UK)
  2. Safety Culture in the Chemical Industry: The DuPont Story, Anthony F. Cantarella, Jr., Esq. Evelyn Williams
  3. Safety Culture in a High-Tech Industry: The AlliedSignal Story, Stephen Fleming
  4. Safety Culture in Manufacturing Facilities: Midas International, George Swartz, CSP
  5. Employee-Involved Safety Culture: Ergonomics at John Deere, James Jegerlehner, PE
  6. Grassroots Safety Culture: The Livermore Laboratories Story, Steven I. Simon, Ph.D.
  7. A Thousand “What Ifs”: Creating a Safety Culture in a Marine Environment, James Cameron


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