Supervisors Safety Manual 10th Edition
Supervisors' Safety Manual (11th Edition)

Supervisors' Safety Manual (11th Edition)

The Supervisors' Safety Manual presents the basic information first-line supervisors and team leaders need to meet their duties and responsibilities as safety leaders in their organizations. It addresses self-directed teams and behavior-based safety as a way to control loss; recognize, control, and mitigate hazards; and determine levels of acceptable risk.

The 11th Edition of this textbook features new chapters on the behavior-based approach to safety and regulatory issues important for supervisors. Revised content reflects changes in organization structure and management philosophies including empowered employees and self-directed teams. All technical information has been reviewed and updated.

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Table of Contents

  1. Safety Management
  2. Communication
  3. Behavior-Based Safety: A Practical Approach
  4. Safety and Health Training
  5. Employee Involvement
  6. Safety and Health Inspections
  7. Incident Investigation
  8. Industrial Hygiene
  9. Personal Protective Equipment
  10. Ergonomics
  11. Hazard Communication
  12. Regulatory Issues
  13. Machine Safeguarding
  14. Hand Tools and Portable Power Tools
  15. Materials Handling and Storage
  16. Electrical Safety
  17. Fire Safety


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